Why study at Kgabo Cars Training Centre?

Kgabo Cars Training Centre is an RMI and MerSETA accredited service provider which then assures the legality of the services offered here

N-Courses (either part time or exams only) Application Requirements

N-Courses (either part time or exams only)

- Motor Trade Theory (N1-N3) consists of

Fuel System, Ignition System, the gearbox, Propeller Shafts, Differentials, Suspension System, Brakes and the diesel engine.

- Mathematics (N1-N3) consists of

Exponents (indices) and logarithms; four main operations in algebra; factorization, HCF, LCM and algebraic fractions; Equations; word problems and manipulation of formulae; Algebraic graphs; triangles; trigonometry; mensuration and percentages.

- Engineering Science (N1-N3) consists of

The dynamics, statics, energy, work and power, heat, particle structure of matter, electricity, friction, hydraulics, chemistry, movement, moments and forces.


Application Requirements

Science and  Mathematics Grade 10-12, Certified ID Copy, Highest Qualification, Proof of Full Payment, N Level and Subjects enrolling for, Physical Address and Curriculum Vitae.
Students are awarded certificates for every N Level they have completed.

What is it that students can do with the qualification obtained at Kgabo Cars Training Centre?

  • The learners have the opportunity to either be employed by bigger dealerships like Imperial and McCarthy, or chose to continue working in Kgabo Cars Training Centre. They can also chose to start their own businesses (workshops) as they will be qualified artisans.
  • The training will equip the learners with extreme mechanical skills that will help them to be employable as well as be self-employed/entrepreneurs.